About RAO

RAO, since ancient times, was the term associated with Royalty and Nobility, a symbol of Infinity, Sovereign and Majesty. It therefore seemed apt to name a line of skincare fit for societies elite made available to everyone. Creating a line that is Safe, Targeted and Effective for the skin is the cornerstone for the foundations of this Brand. 

Created by Board certified Medical Doctors with Specialised Aesthetic training  ,Dr. Navlin Rao Naidoo and Dr. Wil Ehlers, Rao Skin Technologies is at the Forefront of Evidence based Skincare made affordable and accessable to anyone seeking a more Radiant, Youthful and Healthy Skin. It is a company driven by the Promise of a Healthy Skin.

At Rao Skin Technologies, we believe every skin is Beautiful and Every Complexion is desirable. Due to daily stresses, environmental factors, unhealthy eating patterns and Poor skin care , many skins are damaged and their true Potential for perfection compromised. It is therefore our Obligation as Masters in the Art of Perfectly Flawless skin to provide our patients with the latest technology available in achieving their skin Goals. Skin Care, Health and Beauty, being such a lucrative market has seen some of the best as well as the worst results from a wide range of skin care out today. Patient safety is sometimes compromised. Safety therefore rests at the heart of Rao Skin Technologies and represents A cornerstone of the Ethos of our Company. Each Product of ours contains ingredients clinically proven to be safe and effective on skin. Having the right Product chosen specific for the individual is of utmost importance in achieving successful skincare management. With different products selected from our range, tailor made to suit the need of the patient after a proper assessment of the skin, we have no doubt that patient satisfaction is met.

Rao Skin Technologies boasts both Medical and Cosmeceutical Grade products as well as various Aesthetic services.

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