VITAMIN C! All you need to know….

VITAMIN C! All you need to know….

What is Vitamin C?

It is a naturally occurring antioxidant located in the DERMIS and EPIDERMIS

nd is Water Soluble.

Most plants and animals synthesize it from glucose however humans lack the enzyme L-Glucono-Gamma Lactoneoxidase required and so we need to acquire it from an external source.  When UV Light passes over our skin it produces a Superoxide ion and Peroxide which causes damage to our skin cells and DNA. Vitamin C binds to these substances and so provides an antioxidant effect and protects our cells from being damaged.

Over time vitamin C reserves in our bodies decline with the Aging process much like collagen and skin elasticity.


Benefits of Vitamin C?


  • It Increases Collagen synthesis
  • Increases and Improves Hydration
  • Aid with Brightening of the skin
  • It is an Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces Under eye circles
  • Combats and prevents Photoaging
  • Promotes Wound Healing
  • Reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss

Featured below are pictures of people who used a Vitamin C product and their results!

Common Forms of Vitamin C available in products?


  • L – Ascorbic Acid (Pure Ascorbic)
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate


Ascorbic Acid has been proven to be the MOST effective form of topical vitamin C as it penetrates better through the barrier.

HOWEVER, it can be unstable as it can easily be oxidated and so lose its potency and be ineffective

This is why Formulation is so important! RAO prides itself with formulating products with the most effective form of vitamin C as well as the safest for skin! Try out our LUMI C Serum and you will be pleasantly rewarded.


Considerations when using a Vitamin C product?


  • It needs to be refrigerated as this preserves the product and extends the shelf life by keeping the vitamin C present active for longer
  • Needs to be stored away from light
  • Should not be stored for too long
  • It’s naturally clear in liquid form but once it turns to brown or orange it is most likely oxidated




  • RAO products contain Vitamin C in strengths between 10 – 15 and in some up to 20%!

This is MOST EFFECTIVE and most tolerable to the skin.

Unfortunately with increasing percentages sensitivity issues may develop

It is therefore imperative that you KNOW what your skin can tolerate.


The number one Antiaging agent is sunscreen, SO WEAR SUNSCREEN  when using any product !!!



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